Want to stay alive? Wear a PFD / Lifejacket.

Three people sailing in keelboat

Wear a lifejacket (PFD). It’s a marine safety mantra. Yet people still opt out. A study of six years of RNLI incident data shows that in all inshore, coastal and near water activity wearing a lifejacket is indisputably the dominant factor in survival when things go wrong.

Holy angels on the loose

The Christmas story is full of Angels. Not nice metaphorical angels, but fearful bearers of the news of heaven, breaking into the both ordered and hardscrabble human life. As we live through the Third Lockdown of Coronatide, God’s holy angels who announced the birth of the Christ in Bethlehem, are still on the loose. These … Read more

Fatal casualties in recreational marine incidents. A Norwegian perspective

Small boats moored at Norwegian jetty

In a scoping study of recreational marine accidents in Norway 2008-2018 the Norwegian marine incident branch collated information about recreational fatalities, and incidents. Half the fatalities were attributable to drowning, associated with capsize especially in the context of small vessels, falling overboard, or falling between jetty and vessel. Due to collection methods the most reliable … Read more